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The success of Konstantine’s underworld empire is secured by the loyalty of his brother-in-arms, Stefano. But when Stefano’s sister is murdered, and Stefano himself goes missing, Konstantine suspects that a new up-and-coming rival is to blame. And there is no shortage of gangsters vying for Konstantine’s crown.


The easiest solution this threat is to send La Strega. Louie Thorne is the nightmare they fear most and it would nothing for her to kill anyone who stands in Konstantine’s way. Or it would be nothing, if Louie were not six months’ pregnant with their child. To send Louie after Stefano now, in her condition, would be to put both their lives at risk.


Will Konstantine abandon his friend in order to keep Louie and the baby safe? Or will he break his promise to Louie—and go after Stefano alone…

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