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Have you always wanted a story you could control?

Bartender Reese is asked to use her special abilities to investigate a siren attack in Castle Cove.

Castle Cove teens have a peculiar rite of passage. On their eighteenth birthday, they must swim 800 feet from Hunter's Beach to Heart's Rock, under the watchful gaze of the moon. It's a dangerous feat in nighttime waters.

And if the sirens guarding the cove catch swimmers in their territory, the price for sparing their life is very high indeed.

But in the course of her investigation, Reese suspects the sirens aren't to blame for the deaths. An older, darker magic is in town...

This is a choice-path novel allowing you to decide the direction of the story.

*This book does contain explicit sex. However, those choices are clearly labeled and can be avoided by selecting another path*


At the back of the book is also an "Author's Choice" version, which allows readers the choice to read the novel without choosing.

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