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From bestselling author Kory M. Shrum, a vampire anthology for the centuries. Drink up these nine novellas and short stories and indulge in a world where darkness and desire intertwine, where immortal beings roam, and where the line between good and evil blurs.

In the novella “Thirst,” explore a futuristic world where water scarcity drives humanity to desperate measures.

In “Blood & Castles,” embark on an interstellar journey where humanity has ventured beyond Earth, but remnants of our past still hold allure for the wealthy. While trying to satisfy a patron’s whim, an unknowing space crew finds themselves at the mercy of the ancient being lying in wait beneath Dracula’s Castle.

“Seven Devils” is a tale intertwined with myth and legend. Dive into the rich lore of the first vampire and witness the clash of ancient bloodlines, where a seductive power reverberates through the centuries.

In “V-63,” experience a unique blend of post-apocalyptic romance. Against the backdrop of a world on the brink of collapse, follow the enthralling journey of a young woman trying to navigate a deadly pandemic while choosing between love and survival.

Indulge in the sensuality and mystique of the vampire mythos in “The Dark Trick,” a story set in the 1870s that echoes the gothic allure of Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Camilla.” If you dare, follow an innocent girl’s encounter with a seductive vampire, as desire and danger intertwine in an unforgettable dance.

In “A Vampire Calls” witness a woman’s confrontation with the mysterious vampire stalking her and the choice she must make between saving her own life or her family’s.

In the eerie setting of a hospital at night, “Night Shift” follow the gripping narrative of the nightshift nurse as she defends her turf against a rival vampire.

From the supernatural town of Castle Cove, “Grayson’s Story” chronicles the chance meeting between predator and prey in this m/m romance story. A hot night starts in a bar, but will it end in a coffin?

Lastly, in “Curfew,” immerse yourself in a town plagued by a mysterious siren that warns its residents of the coming onslaught each night. Unveil the truth behind the sirens and the choice one girl must make when the boy she loves becomes one of them.

Prepare to be spellbound by this collection of genre-bending vampire tales that encompasses themes of love, survival, and the eternal struggle between the light and darkness within each of us.

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