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Birds & Other Dreamers is an illustrated collection of fifty love poems. The author affectionately calls it her "Love in a Time of Anxiety" collection.

This collection is written for and dedicated to her wife, Kimberly.

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Have you ever looked at a piece of art, or closed a book, and found yourself left with deep, profound feelings?

Poetry written about other art is called ekphrastic poetry, and Questions for the Dead, is an ekphrastic collection. 

In this illustrated collection of thirty-six poems, Kory explores some of the art and stories that she loves.


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You Can't Keep It is an illustrated collection of forty-nine poems exploring what it means to rebuild a life after the loss of her mother.

photo credit: Gage H. Hutchings

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Kory publishes her poetry under the name K.B. Marie. She earned her MFA in poetry at Western Michigan University in 2010. 

Dozens of her poems have appeared in literary magazines and anthologies, including Bateau, North American Review, Ascent, Florida Review, Tampa Review, and elsewhere under the name, Kory M. Shrum (before she began using it for fiction!)

She's also worked with several independent presses and publications, including New Issues Press, Zone 3 Press, Third Coast Literary Magazine, and the Los Angeles Review.


So many poets, writers, and artists have influenced her work, but she has a special love for Wisława Szymborska, Louise Glück, and Mary Oliver. 

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